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Halo my Mood ~ Emotional Mind Map (Lite)

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If you could see your thoughts what shape or color would they be? Positive and bright? Or dark and negative? How would you like to manage them?

Halo My Mood is about to show you how easy and fun it is. With Halo My Mood app you will be able to manage your thoughts, reduce stress, decrease the effect of negative emotions, and just take better care of your overall well being. Promoting better understanding of your thoughts and emotions, by visualizing them in various colors and shapes on the screen of your iPad, gives you the power straight at your finger tips to manage your mood, influence your daily productivity, and gain a solid self-awareness. Learning these great skills with our app will put you in charge of your mental and emotional state.

The app has 3 main stages, or areas of effectives – 1st - Create a Thought which takes the shape of a circle. Then color it based on the emotions it stirs up in you, negative or positive. 2nd - Focus/Accept Emotions – in this stage you accept the thought you just expressed and gave a circle shape to. By focusing on the negative thought, for example, you start feeling more in control and able to reduce its power on you. 3rd - Weakening Thoughts - in this final stage, you have expressed and balanced your negative thoughts with positive ones, added new circles on your arena, and now it’s time to bash the thoughts that worry you by sending them away to prison cells. Through the power of Reading, Image, or Sound - or by seeing, or listening to encouraging, mood enhancing texts, images, and audio, you will successfully and permanently learn how to manage your emotional state of mind, and acquire a long term well being skills.

The strategies used in our app are based on Mind/Mood Mapping, power of Hypnosis method, NLP-practiced exercises known as Association, Disassociation and Swish techniques. However the most important feature of the app, and our goal is to help you understand better the issues you are dealing with, analyze the causes behind what bothers you, and give you a nice, easy tool to help you manage that.

Have fun with Halo My Mood,

And feel free to share your experience with us.