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Mole's Story - The Wind in the Willows

iPhone / iPad
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Over 50 pages of illustrated interactive storytelling. Create butterflies out of thin air for little Mole, as he comes up into the daylight. Rescue Mole when he falls in the river. Or - if you dare - open Badger’s front door, deep in The Wild Wood.

One early spring morning, an English country mole senses the strengthening of the sunlight and struggles to the surface. Mole stumbles across something new, something incredible to him – a riverbank. He makes friends with a water rat, who takes him for the first time ever in a boat, and shows him how to enjoy an extravagant picnic.

Rat teaches Mole all about boats and life on the river, and warns him of the perils of the Wild Wood – dangers that Mole will encounter for himself, when he gets lost in the Wild Wood and the trees talk with mouths, and each hole in the ground has a little face. Mole is rescued by Rat, and together they find a safe haven in the Wild Wood in Badger’s underground sett.

The next morning they set off on the long journey home, but suddenly Mole comes across a familiar scent - it’s his old home, the one he has been away from for so long. Mole and Rat follow their noses, and to Mole’s unspeakable joy they find it, and with only a little work the fire is lit, the place is cleaned up, and some food is found, and once more it’s a home. And then they hear the sound of singing, and carol singers have remembered Mole, and come to perform at the entrance to his home.

And so Mole goes to sleep that night, warm and cosy, in his own bed, surrounded by his own things, and he reflects on the simple pleasures of a place that you can call your own.

This is Mole’s individual journey through the longer, full narrative of Bibliodome’s adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind In The Willows for the iPad, available here on iTunes