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my Pages for iPhone

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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myPages is a utility designed to help sort out your applications into groups on each of the pages in your home screen set. It compliments the file structure established on the iphone where apps can be placed into common “folders.”

In effect, myPages creates a specialised wallpaper that you load through the wallpaper chooser in “Settings”.

The myPages interface provides the user with an opportunity to “badge” their home screen pages so as to indicate where your applications are located on the phone.

myPages uses the screen space for the bottom four apps on the page. Whilst it reduces the available apps on any one page, (16 down to 12) the offset is a being able to see the categories of the apps in the respective pages.
Icons , numbers, or words if you prefer, are selected as a theme to indicate the page and the groupings you might have on the various home screen pages.

The normal scrolling left or right is indicated with the “dot” on the bottom of the home pages. The myPages wallpaper you create sits over the “dots” and allows you to identify the page by the categories you select.

For example, you might have a many apps for finance. You might group them on one page and myPages then lets you see at a glance where they are. Similarly you might have a games grouping or sports. You can select from 22 categories that we feel covers the range of apps available.

We have also included a “star” category to locate regularly used or favourites.

11 pages is the maximum currently on the iphone. But even if you work with fewer pages, you can select the option to have the amount you use.

Once you have selected your grouping preferences from the list, created and installed the wallpaper, you can then use the “springboard” feature to locate the apps to your designated category page. Just press on an app until it wobbles and they can then be moved to any location you choose.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the app, we would be pleased if you send them to