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Motion Matcher 32

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Action
  • Family
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New! A motion matching game! Fun with friends and family of all ages. Exciting multi-player party entertainment!! Move your device by waving it or dancing or doing anything - then friends and family score points if they can match. You score when they mismatch!

Challenge your friends to a motion match! Have a dance duel at your next party! Challenge your friends with you unmatchable complex device waving motions. Have fun with silly dances or serious dance moves.

You'll wave your iPhone or iPod or iPad around in a challenging motion or dance, then pass it to each friend to try and match the motion. When they match, they score! When they don't, you score! And if you can fool them all, you score a Big Bonus.

BUT! To collect that big bonus, you must repeat your own motion.

The first player to hit the target score wins!

For more excitement, players can optionally bet on each turn.

The game works with any kind of motion. Drop your iPhone or iPod into your pocket, or use your device's armband, then do any activity, and see if your friends can match it! Kind of a 21st Century Simon Sez.

What kind of crazy creative activity can you think up for your friends to match??

Check it out! Drop your device in your pocket, and see if you can match each other's dance moves at your next party.

Works with any number players, or just you in solitaire mode, to sharpen your motion matching skill.


• Very easy to start using right away. You'll be matching motions in seconds.

• Fun for all ages: little kids, teens, challenge compulsive adults, fun loving seniors... great family fun at home or on vacation. Enjoy while hanging out between classes. Enjoy with friends over an adult beverage.

• Brings out player creativity! Works with ANY kind of motion or activity.

• Game tells you out loud what to do at each step.

• Set the difficulty factor from easy to ninja challenging, and more...

• Parents, teachers, and care givers can use to teach young children names of basic shapes.

MOTION MATCHER is the first in a whole family of exciting motion recognition entertainment apps to be released by THE SOFTWARE FACTORY, INC.

(For iPhone, iPod, iPad)