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Blackjack Toolbox

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Are you tired of losing? Blackjack Toolbox (BT) can help without tricks, gimmicks, or life-changing commitments. It uses statistical analysis, an odds calculator, and an electronic Basic Strategy card to make you a better player, one who can win consistently and fairly. BT is NOT for card-counters, video game players, or method betters.

Also consider the app Blackjack Toolbox - Practice Tools (search "Blackjack Practice"), which is free and contains three of the six tools found in this app.

The six tools found in this app are:

Teacher...Every serious player learns some Basic Strategy (by-the-odds play). The problem is that there are literally thousands of rules. Teacher organizes these into easy-to-remember groups so that the player learns just enough to make the right play most of the time.

Card Maker...Basic Strategy wallet cards are helpful as a reference, but there are too many different table rules to make them easy to use. Card Maker produces a different electronic and hardcopy card for each unique set of table rules.

Simulator...No one learns Basic Strategy without practice. Simulator creates a real game situation with real time pressure and pointed advice then grades the player for speed and accuracy. Winnings are also tracked based on a high-speed scenario for flat-betting $10 per hand.

Calculator...Making the right cash management decisions during play (e.g. bankroll size, when to leave, when to stay, how much to bet) is critical. Believe it or not, mistakes in this area account for five times the loses attributable to Basic Strategy and the house edge put together! Calculator provides a statistical framework for making the right choices during play.

Recorder...Every serious player keeps track of their results. It is the only way to prevent "selective memory" and to achieve incremental improvement over time.

Guide... We've written down the simple truths about the game in the Guide.

Blackjack Toolbox is designed for the recreational player who enjoys the game and wants to win his/her fair share.