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This app is the interactive report of Floriade Dialogue 2009-2012. Floriade Dialogue has been an international platform and network, bringing together international professionals within the field of science, business and government to discuss topics such as adequate and safe food production, responsible use of natural resources and green architecture and business.

Floriade Dialogue supported the objective to turn Floriade 2012, the International Horticultural Exposition into a thematic World Expo. The dialogues have become a grand collaborative event focussing on education and communication, which helps to build trust and establish relationships between governments and civil society. The goal of Floriade Dialogue was in alignment with the vision of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE).

This report is a summary of the previously held dialogues and proposes recommendations that support global issues on food, land, water, ecology and economics. It outlines the current and future relationships between horticulture and agriculture, food supply and urban and rural development. We received valuable input and support from various contributors in the roles of chairmen, speakers, theme experts, agricultural attachés, country representatives and minutes secretaries. Floriade Dialogue is thankful to have received such a wide base of support.