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Memorizerium (ENG)

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Memorizerium v1.0 ENGLISH edition

(works in iOS 7)

What is it?

- It's a tool to help you memorize sequence of digits with a system based on famous British illusionist - Derren Brown
- It's ideal(!) to help you to remember (and never forget) digits for credit card PINs, etc.

How does it work?

- Say you wish to remember a PIN for one of your credit cards and the PIN is: 1234
- Now, this is a simple 4-digit number, but take it as a straight-forward example
- You can remember 1234 digit directly or by replacing the digit with some words
- Human brain can remember a sequence of words (the more abstract picture inside your brain the better) much easily than a plain sequence of numbers
- One of the many random combinations Memorizerium will propose for digit 1234 is:

- 'alone(12) maria(34)'
- 'al(1)on(2)e m(3)ar(4)ia'
- See the rules below and you'll immediately understand how this system works
- So, to remember a four digit number 1234 you have to remember those two words: 'alone maria'
- And when you need to remember a digit, you recall 'alone maria' and automatically decode the number from the rules below. With some practice you can decode the numbers almost instantly.
- Remember: those kind of systems should be thought in schools from a very young age on. It's a pity those ancient(!) systems were abandoned in modern society. Go figure - WHY(!) is that so.

What do I need to learn before mastering this system?

- You will need aprox. 10 minutes to remember all the (intuitive) rules:

- The combinations of letters were chosed (carefully) by Derren Brown
- All the letters not included below are arbitrary

- 0 (s/z, S/Z) -> 'z'ero
- 1 (l, L) -> 'l' looks like 1
- 2 (n, N) -> written-letter 'n' has 2/two hills
- 3 (m, M) -> written-letter 'm' has 3/three hills
- 4 (r, R) -> say fou'r'
- 5 (h/v, H/V) -> go figure yourself :)
- 6 (p/b, P/B) -> 'p/b' reminds you of 6
- 7 (t/T) -> 't' reminds you of 7
- 8 (ch/sh, CH/SH) -> go figure yourself :)
- 9 (g, G) -> 'g' reminds you of 9

About Memorizerium:

- Size of the dictionary: +8000 most common English words
- Tap a single word to find a new random appropriate word
- Make a screen-shot directly to camera roll