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CryptoPhrase uses cryptographically secure random data to generate memorable and strong passphrases.

Use CryptoPhrase to generate:
• A master passphrase for a password management application
• A key for encrypting your hard drive or emails
• A passphrase to log in to your computer
• A secure passphrase that you are required to change often
• A passphrase to use anywhere you want both security and memorability

CryptoPhrase solves one of the most difficult issues in cryptography and computer security – the ability to create a passphrase that is both secure and memorable. People tend to create insecure passphrases because they often feature personally identifiable information such as birthdays, the name of a pet, a your favorite sports team, etc. Someone trying to guess your passphrase uses this to their advantage by limiting their guesses to include this information. The solution to this is simple: a randomly generated passphrase.

However, most randomized password generators create an impossible-to-remember string of jumbled characters such as: 1E)ne@45C80p%Wk#. This eliminates the personally identifiable information from your passphrase, but because there is no meaning to a random string of numbers, letters and symbols, it is very difficult to remember. CyrptoPhrase uses the same principle of randomness, but uses a set of common, meaningful English words. The result is a passphrase that is both memorable and secure.

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- The Codeify Team