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USA Vehicle & Traffic

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Be ready for your next road trip, anywhere in the USA!

Know the rules of the road before you travel. Not only will you arrive alive, you can avoid unnecessary delays from traffic infractions to automobile accidents.

This app provides a quick and easy reference to each states vehicle and traffic laws, right at your finger tips. No more internet searches needed to find that quick reference.

Cell or Wifi connectivity required.

An easy reference for your next cross country road, (or your daily commute) of the complete collection of the Vehicle and Traffic Laws for each state including the District of Columbia. The actual State's code page is easily reference and not from a third party site that may disappear in a short time. [Some states use Lexis Nexis for their code repository]

The use of this app is for information purposes only and is not intended as a replacement for legal advice. Questions pertaining to each state law should be directed to appropriate counsel for the jurisdiction sought. No legal advice is given.

Federal and state laws are not copyrighted
Main article: Edict of government

Federal statutes are in the public domain and no copyright attaches to them. The same is true of court decisions. It is not difficult to see the motivations behind this:

The citizens are the authors of the law, and therefore its owners, regardless of who actually drafts the provisions, because the law derives its authority from the consent of the public, expressed through the democratic process.[16]

As a matter of longstanding public policy, the U.S. Copyright Office will not register a government edict that has been issued by any state, local, or territorial government, including legislative enactments, judicial decisions, administrative rulings, public ordinances, or similar types of official legal materials. Likewise, the Office will not register a government edict issued by any foreign government or any translation prepared by a government employee acting within the course of his or her official duties.[17]

This app does deep link when feasible to the exact section of the vehicle and traffic laws for the state selected.