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Police Reference App

iPhone / iPad
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Police Reference App for Apple iPad1/2/New iPad and iPhone3/4/4S/5 using iOS v5.0.1 or later.

Police Reference is designed to help Police Officers reference the Police and Criminal Act 1984 and related Indexes.

They can also view the Judicial Version UPDATE 12 of the Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines. The application provides indexes of offence Alphabetically, by Offence Group, by page and by Act of Parliament. Police Officers can quickly browse and reference Sentencing Guidelines, reference an Offence Page number, and optionally view the Offence Page - provided that the Magistrates' Court Sentencing Guidelines has been downloaded.

The App keeps an optional list of "Favourites" which can be used to reference frequent material, and includes a Search function across all of its indexes and Explanatory material (titles).

Police Reference also contains a full Court listing for England and Wales, as well as a reference to all major Police stations of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, complete with Social Media links.

There is also a fines calculator with RWI £400 and £110 Income amounts, as well as having a range of cost buttons and a default Victim Surcharge of 10%. The Fines Calculator has an additional Speeding Tab, which features the Proportionate Penalty and National Guidelines.

You can also use the Drink Drive Disqualification dates calculator, including the three different 'systems' used in England and Wales. The app also features an Adjournment calculator with adjournment dates up to 20 weeks, with the addition of LASPO 2012 Community Order / Curfew completion dates up to 30 months.