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"This app is a wonderful addition to the business model app"
by Ricky Handaya - Version 1.1 - Dec 20, 2012

"Very useful for Design Thinking immersion phase"
by Ysmar Vianna - Version 1.2 - Mar 3, 2013

For those developing new products 
who need to quickly uncover user needs and desires so they can meet them with their product designs, 
Personas provides simple but proven Canvas for organizing customer insights, 
that gets everyone aligned around a single vision of who they’re making the product for.

Take the app outside your office, where your customers live and work, to validate your assumptions. Share your findings with those involved in the product. UX Designers, Product Owners, Developers and Marketeers will benefit from a common customer vision that helps them to stay connected to the users in the outside world while designing products and business models.

If you are starting a business, Personas will be a great companion tool to your Business Model Canvas (not included) and will help you to get a better understanding of the Customer Segments you are targeting.

Just remember that, most of the time, failure comes from lack of understanding customers, not from technology or product development failure.


Empathy Maps - Get a better understanding of customer's behaviour, concerns and aspirations with this simple tool that helps you to go beyond explicit needs (what they say) to latent needs expressed by what customers think, feel and do

Lean UX Canvas - Take a lean approach and make lightweight personas that can be produced quickly and with lithe overhead. Use this canvas when you need to validate your customer assumptions in days and can't afford spending months waiting for formal customer research.

Persona Portraits - Choose from your photo library or use the characters provided in our gallery

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