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WallyWeek is a perpetual business calendar designed for US associates and friends of Walmart Stores, Inc. Walmart's internal calendar is unique, as Walmart starts their calendar weekday on Saturday, and their week numbering from February. WallyWeek also indicates the Pay Period Ending and pay days.

Walmart Stores takes note of various holidays and events throughout the year and WallyWeek calculates 53 such events from is own event engine. Many events are defined in the context of their native calendar (such as Chinese, Islamic, and Hebrew) and WallyWeek is smart enough to interpret the original native definition (such as Passover), interpret it into the context of the Gregorian calendar and display it in Walmart's unqiue format.

The 53 events range from Ash Wednesday to Yom Kippur. Even relatively simple event like Tax Day (April 15), is displayed on the correct day should April 15 land on a Saturday or Sunday.

As a business calendar, it's date range is from 1945-2045.

The calendar can be viewed in Monthly mode, Week mode, or Annual mode. The Event display lists all the events for the selected calendar year.