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Gifts Lite

iPhone / iPad
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Gifts is the best way to track the Gifts that you give to people over the holiday period and the rest of the year.

This Lite Version of the app is supported by Ads and only allows you to import 3 contacts a time from your address book.
Also in the Lite Version only 3 gifts can be save for each person.
Download the full version of this app to remove these ads and restrictions

The app is broken up into 4 main sections, People, Gifts, Events and Shopping.

People has a list of all the people that your tracking gifts for.
You can quickly add people by importing existing contacts from your phones address book.
Or create new person for this app
If you import existing contacts the persons name, address, email and phone number automatically into the app.
You can then show maps of their address, call or messages phone numbers or send them an email
If a new contact has a date of birth you can automatically create a private event for that persons birthday.

From the person detail screen you can add a gift or show the list of gifts for that person.
by pressing the Add Gift button then selecting a gift then pressing the Save gift button you will be saving the gift for that person.

1. Select Person
2. Touch Add Gift
3. Select Gift
4. Touch Save Gift

once a person has a gift save you can share the gifts via Email, SMS, Twitter and Facebook


find popular gifts based on other users
find featured gifts
search for gifts using BestBuys database of products

cannot find the the gift your after? Create a custom gift and fill in attributes such as manufacture, size, price, link, colour and description

These gifts can then be saved to a person so you can track who gets what gift


Keep track of personal and public events where you typically need to give gifts.
Personal events would be something like your wedding anniversary or mothers birthday.
Public events would be something like Xmas, Valentines day
Keep track of how many days till the event is here
Share events via Email, SMS, Twitter and Facebook


Find stores near your current location based on your search term.
See the stores on the map and in list form.