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MathBrush is an iPad app that recognizes mathematical expressions as you draw them. It supports variables and functions, not just numbers, and recognizes a wide range of mathematics, including polynomials, integrals, multiple expressions, and matrices. Save your expressions for later, or export them for a document or website. MathBrush exports LaTeX, MathML and image formats, which can be viewed on-screen or shared by email. MathBrush also allows the sharing of a MathBrush sheet (.mbs) by email with other users who can continue working on the same sheet.

You can use MathBrush to manipulate your expressions and obtain results with the help of a Computer Algebra System (CAS). MathBrush uses SAGE as the backend CAS to manipulate the input expression and the results. You can share the results of your manipulations in Latex, MathML, Image or MathBrush sheet(.mbs) via email or save to Photo Library. MathBrush dynamically generates a set of applicable operations based on the type of the expression. Examples of supported operations are factor, expand, differentiate, plot, determinant, eigenvalues, eigenvectors. You can try the manipulation feature for free with no obligation for subscription.

MathBrush allows you to train the recognizer to your handwriting and create a profile. Multiple profiles can be created and at any time one of them can be used as the default. You can edit your profiles at any time by adding more symbols or changing existing ones.

MathBrush currently supports the following types of expressions:
•Square roots
•Equations and inequalities
•Unary negation
•Multiplication (using * or invisible times operator)
•Subscripts (must be variables or numbers)
•Indefinite and definite integrals
•Indefinite and definite sums and series
•Trigonometric functions: sin, cos, tan, exp, log, and ln.
•Single-character variables

The free version of MathBrush allows you to enter expressions of up to 25 strokes and to manipulate the expressions with a CAS during the a free trial period. Writing larger expressions and sharing them requires a purchase.