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Herbie Brennan's Occult Archive: Ancient Sourcebooks, Arcane Texts

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Herbie Brennan’s Occult Archive is a sober, comprehensive, historical examination of the roots of Western occultism, carried out by one of its most dedicated students.

This app is ideal for all those interested in the occult, magic, seances or the unexplained. With books on Alchemy, Astrology, Babylonian magic, the lost city of Atlantis and much more, this app is a must have for the historian as much as it is for the innately curious.

App Features:

• High Resolution Images: View books, images and documents in high resolution. You can easily zoom in to see the smallest details. You may even see library marks within the books, just as you would if you held the book in real life.

• Offline Bookshelf: Download the books for easy reading, anytime.

All artifacts within this app are available only in English.