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Dental Consult-Traditional Chinese Audio Version

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The Dental Consultant brings you higher income and helps you create a better doctor-patient relationship with the Cutting-edge dental 3D animation clips and detailed treatment information leaflets.

◎Software Introduction
In addition to spending far more time on treatment than other departments, dentists usually need to make a full description of the treatment and communicate well with the patients, so as to avoid problems in the future such as medical disputes or bad doctor-patient relationship. Doctors are usually busy with examining the patients and therefore don’t have time to make a detailed description. This software will be an effective communication tool for doctors or assistants to help in describing the treatments to patients with its clear interface and simple operation, allowing users to understand easily. Delicate 3D animation and standard detailed procedures, combined with quality voice description, can fully demonstrate professional service, win the trust of patients and increase patients’ cooperation in treatment as well as their acceptance of the treatment recommendation. In addition, professional and detailed treatment information leaflets are provided considerately to patients for careful reading and reference, which not only improves the overall image of the clinic, but also improves the doctor-patient relationship and enables smooth treatments.

◎Function Introduction
>Friendly user interface : You can get started quickly without having to learn.
>Speech animation : High-quality speech animation acquaints patients with the treatment process more quickly.
>Treatment information leaflet : With the animation provides more detailed description of the patient.
>Import and Export : Personalized dental knowledge platform allows you to place all kinds of clinical teaching files (Power Point, PDF files, image files) and share with others.
>Quick find : Classified folder management saves time spent on searching for video files.
>Quick play : Common treatment animations can be added into the quick playback menu so that all animations can be clicked and played easily.
>Carousel function : All-animation carousel acquaints patients with the various treatment processes in the clinic.
>Drawing board function : The video can be paused at will, and notes can be made on the video through the drawing board function for better communication and more detailed explanation.
>Multilingual operation interface : Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, etc.

◎Note 1 : These animation and treatment information leaflets are the Traditional Chinese version. There are also English and Japanese versions.
◎Note 2 : Dental related personnel proposed purchase this version.

◎Basic Equipment : Models above iPad2, above iOS6.1.
◎Recommended Equipment : Models above the New iPad, above iOS6.1.