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  • Release Date:Nov 24, 2012
  • Size:53.50 Mb
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Kids Vehicles: Construction for iPhone (excavator, bulldozer, loader & more)

Interactive construction rigs for kids! Play with them like with die-cast model toys!
What's the difference between bulldozer and motor grader? You can learn it, and many other things from our expert Jeff.

This app contains 8 high detailed vehicles with interactive functions to play with:

- Wheel loader with working bucket
- Road roller with emergency lighting
- Bulldozer with working blade and ripper
- Concrete mixer with revolving drum
- Articulated hauler (dump truck) with working open-box
- Mobile crane with working boom
- Tracked excavator with working backhoe
- Motor grader with working blade

+ opening doors, working wipers and front lights!

+ Talking character - Jeff the excavator operator

Highly detailed graphics and realistic sounds of engines, brakes, hydraulics etc.

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iPad / iPhone
iPad / iPhone
iPad / iPhone
iPad / iPhone