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Lord Ayyappa had his human incarnation as the son of the King of Pandalam, Kerala. At that time, the kingdom of Pandalam was under the rule of King Rajasekhara. During one of his hunting expeditions, the wails of a child on the banks of the River Pampa puzzled him. As he moved in the direction of the voice he found a resplendent and helpless infant there. The beautiful baby with a radiant face had a gemstone around his neck, hence the name Manikantan ("Mani", means gemstone and "kantan" means wearer around the neck). Manikantan was born of Hari (Lord Vishnu) and Hara (Lord Shiva), with Hari assuming the form of a female (Mohini). Hence Ayyappan is also named as Hariharasutan (Sutan meaning Son).The king had no children, though he was pious, charitable, just, and God-fearing. The king and the queen were the ardent devotees of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu respectively. They had prayed to their respective deities for blessings in the form of a child. So the King accepted the child as God's gracious gift to his fervent prayer for an heir to his throne. Manikantan was given proper education and training and he grew into a boy well versed in academic lore and martial arts. Meanwhile the Rani (Queen) gave birth to a son; however the king regarded Manikantan as his elder son and decided to crown him as the Yuvaraja.

***This application contains***
# 1 . Slogas
# Suprabatham
# Sahasranama
# Ashtottra Satanaamavalli
# 108 Sharana Ghosham
# Harivarasanam
# Padi pattu
# Vazhi Nadai & other mantras (Mantra for Wearing & Removing Mala, Loka veer am)
# Veeramani Song
# Other Video songs

# 2. About Ayyappa
#About Ayyappa
# Story of Lord Ayyappa
# Costume & Rules to be followed by the devotee
# Festival at Sabarimala
# Vazipadu at Sabarimala
# Temple Timings With opening & closing timing & dates at Sabarimala
# Transportation (Details of both Rail & Roadway with Routes & fare)
# Accommodation at sabarimala & Pamba
# Route map of Sabarimala
# Temple Legend

# 3 . Picture of Lord Ayyappa contains both landscape & portrait (which fits iPodTouch,iPad,iPhone all versions )we can share photos via FB,Twitter,Email,save it in local device etc.

# 4 . Share

# 5 . About us (Details about company with rate us option)

# 6 . More Apps From Kasinathan Technology

# 7 . Feed back (Contact via mail)

# 8 . Discussion forum on Lord Ayyappa

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