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The ìWhat Is Different Appî is designed for early childhood development as well as clients of all ages who have severe TBI, strokes, or other developmental needs. It can be used by speech therapist, parents, as well as care givers as a tool to work with clients of all ages.

The app has words and pictures grouped into six categories (Food, Clothing, Transportation, Household Items, colors/Shapes, and Animals). Each category has 10 screens with words and pictures related to that category. Each screen has a primary word and picture with four pictures below it. Of the pictures below, one will be different from the primary picture as well as the other three pictures below. The client will touch the one picture that is different from the other pictures. The record keeping system will count the screen correct if the one picture that is different is selected and none of the other pictures are selected.

The setup screen allows the following choices:
1) Verbal Prompts can be turned on and off. Verbal prompts include expressions such as "good job" ,"please try again", ect.
2) Picture labels can be turned on and off.
3) Percent correct records can be zeroed. Percent correct is calculated by category. For example, if 5 of the 10 screens in a category have been successfully completed, the client will be assigned a 50% correct value.
4) The starting category can be selected. Normally, the app will start with the first category and move sequentially through all six and then start over.

The app begins with a verbal prompt: "Touch the START button to begin, When the four pictures are displayed, touch all pictures that belong to the category below". While the message is playing, pictures will be moving around in the lottery jar. When all four pictures are displayed, the user may touch the three pictures that belong in the category below. You may move to the next screen by touching the START/NEXT GROUP button. When all screens in the current category are complete, the app will automatically go to the next category.

This app makes it fun to learn.

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