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Spell Check Buddy

iPhone / iPad
  • Reference
  • Education
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Right word. Right spelling. Right now. Spell Check Buddy is the student or professional writing assistant on your iPhone. With its hypersensitive suggestion functionality you need to know only the first couple of letters to immediately find the right word. And with Spell Check Buddy's instant grammar detail, including parts of speech and alternate forms, you can quickly isolate the word you're looking for.

Just enter the first couple of letters to get an extensive selection of suggestions. You can scroll through the proposed words or type some more letters — if you know them — to reduce the list of possibilities. Use the helpful grammatical detail to make sure you select just the right word — in addition to the correct spelling, Spell Check Buddy displays the parts of speech, so you know if you’re dealing with the noun “morale” or the adjective “moral”. It even displays any inflected forms, helping you distinguish “axes” from “axis” and “alumni” from “alumnus”.

Spell Check Buddy is so effective because of its simple, focused functionality but also because it’s backed by a massive vocabulary database. And Spell Check Buddy knows that often the trickiest words aren’t words at all but proper nouns like people (William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Ernest Hemingway) places (Missouri, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Thailand) and even the names of companies (Volkswagen, Renault, Lufthansa) and landmarks (Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, Sequoia National Park).

Spell Check Buddy is the ideal spelling assistant for students or professionals, in particular those who find they sometimes need the right word when the right moment isn’t the most convenient, like at the library, the airport, on a train or in a taxi. And those for whom English is not a first language will find Spell Check Buddy’s shortcut method makes it an indispensable tool when recalling or verifying just the right word.

Spell Check Buddy’s features at a glance:

● An easy and intuitive search interface that needs only a couple of letters to find just the word you’re looking for.

● Massive dictionary database of more than 150,000 entries.

● The dictionary is reinforced with grammatical details like parts of speech and inflected forms.

● It even includes proper names like cities, countries, people and places.

Now perfect spelling is no further away than your iPhone. Get Spell Check Buddy and spell well all the time, every time and any time.