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What can you do to add extra years of healthy living to your life? Be*Healthy can help you answer these questions and give you pointers on how to get started. Research has identified key lifestyle factors linked to a longer, healthier life. Be*Healthy takes these evidence based indictors and puts them into a simple lifestyle assessment and improvement program that you can run on your Apple mobile device. Be*Healthy provides a Six-Step Program for improving your health and longevity.

Step 1: Take the quick Lifestyle Assessment. It consists of 14 lifestyle factors plus optional health tests such as your blood pressure and cholesterol.

Step 2: Review your Overview Report. See your Healthstyle Rating, your Health Age, and Longevity Projection. Find out how many years you can add to your life expectancy by living a healthier lifestyle.

Step 3: See Guidelines for each lifestyle factor evaluating how you are currently doing and making recommendations for improvement.

Step 4: Next Steps – Learn what changes are most important and how many years each lifestyle change makes. Choose one or more key areas you would like to begin working on.

Step 5: View Slide Shows on the topics you want to change. Discover key steps on how to lose weight, start a fitness program, eat more healthfully, get more sleep, cope better with stress, or make other needed lifestyle changes. Get started on the road to better health!

Step 6: Send your report to an AirPrint-enabled printer or your email address.

Take the lifestyle assessment every month or so. Update your weight, exercise minutes, hours of sleep etc. to document how you are improving. As your lifestyle improves, so will your Health Age and Longevity projection. Use Trend Reports to track all of your improvements. See your Weight, Good Health Practices, BMI, Exercise Minutes, and Life Expectancy graphs improve over the year as you begin enjoying better health every day.

Share what you learn with others on Facebook, Twitter, by email or in person. Give the gift of life - encourage family and friends to get involved in Be*Healthy as well. Be an example and advocate of good health. Let’s get back to making our nation the healthiest in the world instead of being in 32nd place for “Healthy Life Expectancy” as we are today! Live well. Be Healthy!