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"SleepAPPnea ®" is a smartphone application that was developed specifically for the recording and analysis of snoring and sleep -related breathing disorders . Patients may download it free of charge in the App Store. However, to enable its functionality, you need an access code from a sleep therapist (a physician or dentist that specializes in sleep therapy).
"SleepAPPnea ®" monitors the patient's sleep through the night and records all the relevant sleep-related parameters.
The next morning the patient is asked a few questions and for his/her permission to send to the session data to his sleep therapist.
The therapist runs a Remote SAM (Sleep Advisory Monitor) on the data. This software that was especially developed by us allows the dentist / doctor to assess the severity of a possible breathing -related sleep disorder.

In addition the recording the breathing noises, "sleepAPPnea ®" can capture some of the following:
- Chest movement

- Body Position

- pulse

- Compliance data (wear duration of an intraoral mandibular advancement device )

As a physician, you will find that "Remote SAM ®" is a very useful diagnostic tool. It will help you:

- Assess the need for additional diagnostic procedures (such as polygraphy ) better.

- Identify the adequate titration of an intraoral mandibular advancement device early.

- Document the success of your CPAP treatment ( follow-up ) without further diagnostic measures .

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