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ePhotoTag, editing on the road !

Import images from your camera, a memory card or from another app; ePhotoTag supports more than 500 cameras.
Add comments, enter author’s names and copyright statements, indicate where photos were taken, crop or adjust rendering without altering the original files.
Publish your pictures on social network (Facebook ®, Flickr ®, Twitter ®) or save them to your FTP server or Dropbox ®.
Play slideshows directly on your iPad screen or on your TV with support for Airplay ®.

Import :
• Import images from your camera or a memory card;
• use "open in ePhotoTag" from another application like Mail, Dropbox ®, FTPonTheGo ®, WebDavNav ® or other app: ePhotoTag imports the file into the camera roll and remembers its original name;
• ePhotoTag can read image formats JPEG, TIF, BMP or PNG, but also raw files of over 500 cameras and decodes them on the fly if necessary.

Rate and sort your pictures :
• From a glance evaluate your photo, all shooting information is displayed and you have a magnifying glass to examine the details;
• ePhotoTag gives you quick filing: set color labels and star ratings directly from the navigation bar;
• use the filter feature to restrict the display to the best pictures.

Enhance your photos :
• Annotate your images, add GPS coordinate, title, description and keywords;
• define a default author and copyright and automatically apply them to your photos;
• save time by selecting several images for simultaneous editing or simply copy and paste from one image to another;
• recompose your picture or straighten the horizon in a few steps;
• adjust the rendered using different settings :

- Light
. exposure
. contrast
. brightness
. saturation
. highlight
. shadow
. vignetting

- Color
. vibrance
. gamma
. hue
. sepia
. white balance

- Correction
. auto adjustment
. red eyes correction
. sharpness (iOS 6.0 or higher)
. unsharp mask (iOS 6.0 or higher)

• use the presets offered by ePhotoTag (square, rotations, underexposure or overexposure correction, accentuation ...) ;
• compose your own presets for future use;
• if necessary use functions to decode raw files for a more accurate image.

Share your work :
• Email your images or post them to your Flickr, Facebook or Twitter account;
• upload your images to your FTP server or Dropbox account;
• copy all your work to your desktop computer and merge it with your original files.

Non-destructive editing :
• ePhotoTag saves all changes to sidecar (buddy) XMP format files and never alters your original files;
• all changes are included in the new images created on demand;
• retrieve these changes on your desktop trough sidecar files and incorporate them into the original files. (With the exception of cropping and adjustments).

Customize :
• For greater convenience you can choose exactly the same colors associated with the tags from your favorite desktop tool;
• define the labels associated with color labels for better compatibility with your usual process flow;
• ePhotoTag can detect dates in album titles and display the most recent albums first;
• restrict metadata in photos when posting them.