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Recurring Lists

iPhone / iPad
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Do you have lists of tasks that you must not forget? Do these lists get used each time you need to do the same things again? Yes, well this App is for you. It allows you create categories with their own set of tasks to be done. These may be: a camping category with a list of things to take camping; a shopping category with a list of food items you nearly always want in the supermarket; a work category with a list of jobs you must do at work each week, and so on.

There are Apps that already allow this but they are complicated when all you want is an App that allows sets of tasks allocated to categories. You do not need priorities, you do not need dates when tasks need to be done, you do not need who the task was delegated to you just need a simple, fast efficient way of managing all the tasks that are part of a job.

The App is simple to use. Each task is assigned to a category. You can have as many tasks in a category as you want. You can have as many categories as you want. Tasks can be ticked off as done, crossed out as not done, tasks not done yet show as unknown (a question mark '?'). You can reset all tasks in a category back to unknown with a single click.

The main start page has a field at the top for the name of the category. Type the name you want for category, e.g. Camping, and press 'Add'. The new category appears in the list. It will have no tasks.

To add a task or item just select the category and press 'View' or select the blue accessory icon for the category. The page will change to show the tasks for the category, the list will be empty at first. Above the list is a field for entering the name of the task. Type in the name of the task, e.g. Tent, and the press 'Add'. The item will be added to the list. All tasks start with an initial status of unknown (a yellow '?'). You can change an item's status by selecting the icon. A small pop-up appears with the three possible options: Done (a green tick), not done (a red cross) and unknown (a yellow '?').

Each List has buttons underneath: Move Up, Move Down, Reset all Statuses and Delete. Reset All Statuses is only applicable to the task list page.

Move Up/Move Down. Select the item you want to change the position in the list of and press the appropriate button.

Reset All Statuses. Select this button and then press 'Yes' to confirm the clearing of all the items in this list back to unknown.

Delete. Select an item in the list and then press 'Yes' to confirm the deletion of the selected item. There is no undo for this action so be careful. You can only delete a category when it has no tasks in it.

Each item also has a blue accessory icon. Press this to reveal a new page for the item where you can type notes for the task. Select 'Save' to save the notes. You can also access this by selecting the task and pressing the 'View' button at the top. The list of tasks shows the start of the notes for an task to the right and below the task's name.

Finally, to answer a question before it is asked 'Why are there three states for a Task?'. The answer is pretty simple: I have found that a tasks start in a state where I have not done them and do not know whether I need to do them or not and then change to a state where they have either been done (ticked) or I have considered doing them and decided not to do them (crossed). So we have Unknown, Done and Not Done.