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Outzone Reloaded

iPhone / iPad
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  • Strategy
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"9 out of 10 stars."

"...a tricky wargame in a exceptional setting."

"...If you’re a fan of the [strategy] genre, Outzone reloaded is definitely a title you’ll want to check out."

" of the best turn-based strategy games available for the iPhone, if not THE best..."

Now is the time to zone-out and become a cyborg-killing soldier of the future!

Cyborg VS. Alien is the ultimate game app you can ever have!

This game is made solely for quick-thinking, brave individuals. In this game, the year is 2097 and the earth is in peril from alien invaders... and the saviour of all man-kind depends on your strategic planning and sharp-witted moves to destroy these invaders!

You control the cyborg soldiers who battle seven death- defying stages to save the world. In each level, you must be wise enough to defeat the leader before you can move on to the next level.

What makes this game different from all the war game? Well, you fight the battle on foot- no tanks, ships or planes to take cover from! Face-to-face, you must defeat the enemies on foot!

Just like in real life, everything depends on your energy level. The higher your energy bar, the better your performance in annihilating the alien forces, however when you get hit, you lose some energy... and when it runs out, you lose a life. However, do not fret, to replenish your lost energy, pick- up the “E” icons along the way.

Now let’s talk about guns!

You have the power to use one of the two main weapons; you can alternate using each by picking up the “C” icons. The first gun that you have the privilege to use is the semi- automatic gun. This is to die for because it shoots forward no matter which way you move! Make sure you hit the target well because it shoots three bullets in a slight spread each time.

The next weapon is the weapon that is sure to obliterate your enemies, the all-direction laser. It fires fast in whatever direction you are moving, moreover, this gun creates a sweep of bullets when you change your course. It shoots rapidly, so you need to change your direction. There is a weapon perfect to use in certain situation, make sure you are clever enough to know what it is. When you need an upgrade for you two main weapons, just pick-up the “P” icons and you are done!

Want some Special Powers? You got it! There are several special bonuses made for you through the different colored “SP” icons.

The Super Power you need to have is the Super Ball. You can get this picking up the pink “SP” icon. This weapon rocks! A vicious energy ball surrounds around the player, and then rushes up the top of the screen, unmoved by walls. There is no question; this is your best defence from all situations.

Another Super power you can acquire is the Super Burner. Want to snatch yourself some of this, then look for the yellow “SP” icon. This is a directional and limited range of power weapon, but despite of its limitation, it is ultra destructive; it tests your courage because you need to move closer to the man- eating aliens to kill them with this weapon.

Then there is the Shield. This white “SP” will protect you against the enemy’s shot! Hence, you will not lose a life except when you fall down the hole!

There is also the Speed UP. This is a tricky super power because you should know where and when to use this. This SP can either make or break you, because of the increased speed it gives; it can prove risky in some of the mazes in the game.

Lastly, there is the Energy Extend or the green “SP” icon. This extends the energy bar and re-fills it totally!

When you are cornered, never let it get the best of you, use the BOMB. You can use these by pressing the Bomb icon in the corner. These will kill all minor enemies and bullets, and will damage big ones. To have ample supply of Bombs, make sure you pick- up its icons when you see it.