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Cookpad - The best place to share recipes

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Cookpad is currently available for English, Spanish, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai recipes. You will be asked to choose preferred language the first time you start the app.

Cookpad is the best app for finding, saving and sharing great, authentic, home-made recipes. You can access the recipes you save, or publish recipes you make, on all of your devices, any place, any time.
Cookpad helps make your everyday cooking easier and more fun.


Cookable content. All recipes have been published by home cooks around the world, so not only can you put a face and a country to the recipe, you can also share a photo of your version with the recipe author when you make it.

Save recipes you like while browsing and make them later. Once saved you'll be able to access them from iPhone, iPad or computer. Your saved recipes have their own search making it easier to find exactly what you're looking for.

Publish recipes at your own speed, for your private use or to share with family and friends. The editor makes it simple to publish photos while you cook and add method later. By saving as you go, you decide if and when to publish publicly.

Cookpad is a unique global initiative aimed at sharing the joy of cooking around the World. Recipes for all kinds of tastes, easy recipes, healthy recipes, quick recipes, recipes for special occasions. Authentic recipes from different countries, currently available in Spanish and Indonesian, with many more cuisines and languages to come.