Ultradex for Pokémon v 3.0

By Slimi Houssam
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Ultradex is the ultimate unofficial Pokédex on the App Store. It includes every information you will ever need on each of the 718 Pokémon (Only Generation 1 is available for free. You will have to upgrade the app to get the remaining generations including X/Y) :* General info : + Names (English, Japanese, French and German) + Numbers (National, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh) + Alternate forms+ Height, weight, species+ Abilities + .....* Evolutions * Stats : Base stats, Damage Taken, Pokéthlon Stats... * Breeding Info : Gender ratio, Egg groups, Steps to hatch... * Training info : Base Exp, Base happiness, Capture rate, Growth rate, Effort points, held items... * Moves : Level up, Egg, tutor and machines ! (types, PP, Power, Accuracy, Target, Effect...) * Locations * Browse by : Types, Egg groups, Abilities… Search by keywords ... * Movedex* Itemdex* Favorites list* Tools : IVs, Stats and Hidden Power calculators* Chat Room!And much more ! -----------------------------------------Ult...