Insane Tracker v 2.2

By Jason Shehane
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  • Health & Fitness

The number one Insanity Workout Tracker! Featured as a Top 10 app in health and fitness. Just read a few of the 5 star reviews:5 Stars - "I absolutely love this app! It keeps me on track and allows me to see the length of my daily workouts which makes me say, "I can totally do that!". Love it! If you are doing Insanity, download this app!"5 Stars - "This is so efficient, useful and helpful! I love it. I'm 10 days into insanity, lost 3 pounds of fat, and am loving this app!"5 Stars - "To sum this app up I just need one word.... Amazing! I absolutely love it. Helps me keep track of my insanity. Awesome Job!"5 Stars - "It doesn't get much better than this for tracking progress. You can enter all measurements including weight, take pictures, mark progress with dates, and it even tells you which workout is next an how much time it will take. Best app out there for this by far. No more need for the paper and pen."I'm a developer who loves to stay fit. That's why I was shocked when I could...