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Third Grade Multilingual Match

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
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Third Grade Multilingual Match is a game for studying English to Spanish, French, German, or Chinese (traditional or simplified).

There are over 400 English words at the American third grade level to work with.

Game play is as follows. First, choose your language. You’ll then see three circles with words from the language you chose and three audio circles beneath them. The object is to match the English audio (a clear human voice) to the other language by dragging circle to circle.

Scoring is based on how many the player gets right in a row, or “streak.” The “best streak” and “current streak” is displayed at the bottom of the screen. This scoring method encourages competition as well as motivates players to beat themselves. Intuitive enough for an elementary student to play independently at home or in the classroom, yet challenging enough or a beginning foreign language student of any age, you can’t beat Third Grade Multilingual Match’s refreshingly simple and practical functionality.