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***** The only graphing App that understands Calculus. Differentiation, integration, local max/min points and statistics.*****

Want2P1ot is created by a developer with many years of teaching experience of Math and Calculus. If you find Math or Calculus challenging, this is the App for you. 网址有中文网页帮助。

Want2P1ot can plot all the functions one learns in middle/high school. It is a perfect tool to help students to get a deeper and much better understanding of the basic concept of a function, and how a function behaves. Please check the newly added tutorial section under the App Setting page.

As for college students, Want2P1ot has the unique ability to plot the derivative and integral of any function you can input. You can easily verify the max/min point of a function, find solution of equations, and verify definite integral.

It also supports statistic computation like average, standard deviation, and line of best fit. It is a very useful tool for collecting and analyzing experimental data.

You can spend thousands dollars to find a tutor or you can spend $0.99 to buy Want2Plot. Note that even an experienced tutor won't be able to plot the integral of sin(cos(x)), or find the minimum point of (x^5+1)*e^x. But with Want2P1ot, you can easily do that.

In addition to its unique support of Calculus, Want2Plot has another important feature: exporting scalable image. You plot a function not just for fun, you want to embed the image into your assignment, scientific paper, financial report, or a presentation. The last thing you want is to resize the output image. Want2Plot allows you to specify the size of the output image, and generates an image in the perfect size. You can then embed it into your PDF document (using Apps like AboveNote), or your presentation document (using Apps like Pointsentation).

* Plot up to 9 functions, plus the derivative and integral of a selected function at the same time;
* Plot the arithmetic functions and exponentiation;
* Drag the display to view different portion of the graph;
* Pinch to zoom in/out;
* Find the value of a function at a given point;
* Find the maximum and minimum of a function;
* Find the intersection of two functions;
* Highly optimized table input for quick sample entry;
* Plot up to 87 sample points;
* Save up to 20 functions you entered;
* Save up to 20 sample records (each record with up to 87 samples);
* Scalable image export. Export image in the size you specify to your Photo Album.
* Calculate Average and Standard Deviation for sample data.
* Compute Line of Best Fit.

Explanation of the screenshots.
^ The first one plots f(x)=x^sin(x) in red, and its derivative in blue.
^ The second screenshot shows how to input a function.
^ The third screenshot shows one tutorial section of integral.
^ The forth one shows functions properties.
^ The fifth one shows how to change color of a plot.

Please check the marketing URL for impressive videos and screenshots.