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Optical Expert

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Welcome to Optical Expert.
Various options - one app. When modules present features, LIVE VIEW lets people see things different, simple handling and brilliant pictures meet, you have arrived at a beautiful tool full of possibilities. Optical Expert.


Near- or longsighted? Varifocals? This module provides you a clear perspective in less than a minute. Afterwards it will be way easier and faster to determine what you really need.

If you experience a blurry vision for near and distant objects, varifocals might be the right solution for you. Learn in this module how varifocals in various qualities enable clear vision and determine the optimal solution for you.

Probably a situation you are familiar too: Instead of being able to wear your sunglasses, you have to wear your standard glasses and are blinded by the sun or other bright light sources. To avoid this you should go for Antireflection Coating. In this module you can find out which one is suitable for your purposes.

Thick glasses are unattractive. Heavy glasses are uncomfortable. What if you could have highly corrective glasses that are nevertheless pretty and comfortable? Which ultra thin and light lenses are suitable for you can be found out in this module with the help of your optician.

Protective Filters cannot only be used to protect your eyes, they can also turn your outfit into something special. You can simulate your perception of the environment just the way you would try out coloured glasses.

When cleaning statically charged lenses, they will attract dust, just like a magnet. When cleaning them again from dirt and dust, they will be statically charged even more which leads to a vicious circle. If you go for antistatic lenses you will be able to break this endless circle and free yourself for a clear vision.

Are fingerprints, dust or grease taking away your clear view? If you go for dirt repellant lenses this will never happen again. Not only your glasses, also you will look fantastic with your new Dirt Repellant Lenses!

Scratches form in glasses due to little accidents, inaccurate cleaning or just in the course of time. With special hardened lenses the impact of those effects can be reduced to a minimum. This module will simulate the influences that your glasses are exposed in the course of time.

Cloudy glasses due to rain or froth can lead to highly dangerous situations. Thanks to the lotus effect fluids run off easily your glasses and provide clear vision instantly. This is also a self cleaning mechanism as dust particles are simply washed away along with dust.