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artroom SYB

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Welcome visiting the app of artroom SYB which introduces recent works of artist Sun Young Byun. It consists of diverse works expressing vivid color combination and elaborated details.

artroom SYB provides 20 pieces of artist Sun Young Byun 's recent paintings, a conceptual moving image, artist statement, artist’s profile and recommendation comment with corresponding background music, in various viewer customizing options and view modes to enhancing viewer’s art experiences.
Art Viewers will enjoy the artist’s paintings either in dynamic slide show or in static list view format with user-friendly viewing options. artroom SYB app is an artist’s message for art lovers and curators who want to communicate with artist Sun Young Byun in convenient mobile format, out of limited art exhibitions in real world.

-Viewers can select the view mode either dynamic slide view or static and information rich list view.
-When the paintings shown, the artist chosen background music goes together, and you can change the music or turn on/off the background music in setting view.
-Viewers can add favorite tag (the yellow star) for each painting or remove the tag when the piece is shown in main viewer. The artworks with favorite tag collected in favorite work viewer pop up, and you can set slide show option to show only my favorite pieces.
-In slide show mode, viewers can change slide show duration time, slideshow animation style, show categories (all pieces/ favorite pieces) in setting view. All the settings are saved so viewers start viewing with the viewer’s last customized setting option.
-On both list view and slide view, view mode is instantly changed on displayed art piece by mode change button so that viewers don’t need to move up to home screen and navigate again when they want viewer mode change.
-Artwork pop-up view provides list of all the painting with thumbnail image and information so viewers have bird eye view for all contents in artroom SYB app. And it also provides favorite tag status (yellow star when tagged) for each piece in list.
-In favorite pop-up menu, viewers collect the favorite pieces in thumbnail image form, with selecting one of the thumbnails, it brings the image directly to main artwork view.
-In slide view mode, with tap interaction, the lower part of the artwork view shows the slide animation thumbnail list and removes the thumbnail view with another tap. So that viewers expect the next slide or navigate over other interesting slides out of slide stack.
-In list view mode, viewers can review all the paintings and their titles at once in a list form for easy browsing. And there are small conceptual moving image and more information in descriptive form about artist.
-The app supports both portrait, landscape viewing mode, and retina display with enhanced resolution for artwork display. With landscape viewing mode, the artworks are shown bigger.
-The app is optimized for iOS 6.0 or up.