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FoLaWo™ Norwish - a English/Norwegian word puzzle.
FoLaWo™ - takes the classic wooden sliding tile puzzle and combines it with a brain challenging word game. Yes you have seen tile puzzles that use numbers or pictures before and there are many types of word games out there. But have you seen them combined into a challenging word logic puzzle before? I came up with this concept while watching how ESL students learn to spell words - writing the word over and over, and thought how can i make this fun/different & a challenge! - the end result is the FoLaWo™ Word puzzle series introduced to the world Feb 2013.

In FoLaWo™ Norwish - we use the Norwegian and English languages to solve the puzzle.
You are given clues to help solve the puzzle - but it isn't easy - the clues will be in either English or Norwegian but you must think of words which are the direct translation or have a similar meaning in the opposite language. So thats clues NOR & answers ENG or the reverse.
If you know both Norwegian & English then it's an interesting way to practice your translation skills. BUT if you don't, then FoLaWo™ becomes a really challenging word puzzle that will have you scratching your brain as you try the various tile combinations to solve the words.

▪Choose a 3 by 3 or 4 by 4 puzzle
▪Swap between Clues/Answers style - NOR/ENG or ENG/NOR
▪NO IAPs - hints are always FREE ( no coins etc..) & available if you wish to use them. But they do form part of your score.
▪3 game modes - EASY, MEDI, & HARD. - Ability to switch to EASY during play, if you get stumped.
▪Wooden tile graphics - an ode to the classic sliding tile puzzle.
▪Normal mode - random selection of words = thousands of unique starting puzzle combinations
▪Study mode - still random word selection, but from a small group of words = more repetition of words.

It won't happen overnight, but it will happen - FoLaWo™ is a challenging word puzzle but is also a language learning/spelling accessory. If your actively learning English/Norwegian - it can help you practice when not in class. If your not actively learning - it's a quick and easy way to practice your memory recall of Norwegian/English words and maybe learn some new words.

FoLaWo™ is much like you using internet online translators to learn words/expand your vocabulary - except you don't have to be connected to play FoLaWo™ and it's a game, hopefully a fun game - but definitely a challenging game!