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Learn to read Qur'an

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This iPhone app was created to help Muslims all around the world to learn to read the holy Qur'an. This app is an invaluable tool for the acquisition and application of the fundamental principles of reciting the holy Qur’an employed by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The learning objectives consist of the following: to read the Arabic Language, to develop reading skills in preparation for the advanced course, and to acquire the skills that would assist in mastering recitation.

This series is divided into four courses.

Beginner: The first course caters for students who are unable to read Arabic or students who wish to refresh their knowledge of Arabic reading. It contains a step by step format, outlining the major precepts and techniques utilized in Qur’anic reading which have been proven effective. The main aim of the beginner course is to get the student to be able to read the holy Qur’an, and to establish a quality foundation in pronunciation.

Intermediate: The second course caters for students who are able to read Arabic at a basic level, without the application of the more complex rules of recitation. It aims to prepare students for mastery of Qur’anic recitation and to develop within them, a relationship with the holy Qur’an. This proven course reinforces correct pronunciation of letters and vowels, as well as building familiarity with many features of the holy Qur’an, such as the practical application of Ghunnah and Madd, knowing how to stop, verses of prostration, the various Symbols, and many more..

Advanced - Practical: The third course caters for students who would like to be able to read with Tajweed, but do not necessarily want to learn the theoretical rules. Students will be taught to read with Tajweed using the various methods and indicators found within the holy Qur’an. Students will be able to read with Tajweed upon completion of this course.

Advanced - Theory: The fourth course caters for students who are able to read the holy Qur’an with fluency and correct pronunciation. It provides an in-depth analysis of the rulings of Tajweed. Some of these rulings include the rulings that occur with the letters Noon and Meem, the rulings for Lengthening, a description and analysis of articulation points and characteristics of letters, and many more. This final course in the series completes the journey towards reading the holy Qur’an in the manner it was revealed.

Each of the four courses has a related quiz which will keep you on your toes. Stay tuned as additional courses are added with each update.

This app was not created for profit. All proceeds goes towards publishing of books.