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Ants Buster - It's Squash Time ! Gogo Beetle Bug Tapper HD Free

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*** It's time to squash the ants ! ***

While you were about to enjoy some delicious pizza, the scent has attracted a swarm of ants.
They're coming from the window, quickly use your fingers to stop them so your pizza is safe!

--- How to play ---
Tap the ants with your finger to squash them, if the ants touch your pizza, the game is over.
As the game gets more difficult, flies as well as red ants will start to appear.
Remember not to tap on the red ants as they are poisonous,but don't worry,
the game is not yet over if the red ants touch your pizza.

The game also has a 2 player versus mode(iAP), 1P and 2P will each guard their fruits,
whoever's fruits are touched by the ants first loses.

Compete against family and friends!