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AS355N Eurocopter Pad

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Gyronimo Performance Pad Pro
The ultimate flight computer for the Airbus Helicopter AS355N

Compatibility: requires iPad 3 or newer, or iPad Mini Retina
This app does not run on iPad 1, iPad 2 or the iPad Mini (non Retina)




The AS355 N Performance Pad is a truly ground breaking computer.
All important Weight & Balance and Performance figures as found in the
flight manual for the AS355N will be calculated in just seconds.

We recommend the Pad for professional pilots, however, it is also a great tool for
flight students who want to become familiar with the complex performance
calculations of twin helicopters.

A professional Load Manifest will be computed and sent to your email address.
Confirm your calculations by checking the graphical displays.

- Set up you own helicopter data (Basic Empty Weight, Mission Equipment etc)
- Load and save unlimited flights and helicopter setups
- Send data to your email or to a database (optional)
- Check your remaining flight hours to the next maintenance.

The Pad does dozends of complex calculations for you, however, it is very easy to use.

Set Pressure Altitude and OAT via sliders and the following will be computed
in real time:

- In Ground Effect max. Weight

- Out Of Ground Effect max. Weight.

- Corrected Weight

- Rate of Climb on two engines

- Rate of Climb on one engine.

- Distance from takeoff to 35ft clearing point with one engine inoperative.

- Max Takeoff Weight from a helipad.

- Max Takeoff Weight from a clear area.

- Fuel Flow

***** All results are graphically displayed using the GRAPHS from the FLIGHT MANUAL.

Contact us for a custom version or extensions.

For iPad 2, iPad 3 (iOS6 recommended)

The author disclaims any liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential losses or damages in connection with your access to or use of this software. The information contained in this software is for general information purposes only.