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Welcome to Trigg-AR, the world’s most exciting platform at the forefront of enhancing print and digital media through your device camera. Trigg-AR gives you access to a new world of reality by Trigg-ing any type of image using augmented reality - We give you a Trigg and you Trigg-AR it!
‘Trigg’ any real world item carrying the Trigg-AR instruction – such as magazines, newspapers, logos, billboards, album covers or even grocery products. Simply start Trigg-AR and point to Trigg-AR the exclusive content experience.
How it works:
•Make sure you have the Trigg-AR app
•Look for opportunity to the ‘Trigg’ something in the real world
•Start Trigg-AR then point and Trigg-AR awesome content

We have new and exciting Triggs available all the time, so don’t be excluded from great experiences and opportunities to engage with your favourite media through Trigg-AR.
Get the latest Trigg-AR info and update at or join us on Facebook and follow us on twitter.

Get Trigg-AR and start Trigg-ing!