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EnglishFlow-Listening Practice with Movies, News

iPhone / iPad
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► EnglishFlow is a video player that allows learners to study English listening in the most entertaining way. (YouTube link :
► You can study English listening by inserting videos of your movies and American TV shows and subtitle files.
► In addition, you can download a VOA (Voice of America) news video and subtitle file selected carefully and updated daily. The best part is you can make your listening practice much more effective by using Word Flow function that changes the background color of English words that are being pronounced.
► You can download a VOA news video everyday for free.
► Since frequent TOEIC, TOEFL words are displayed in colors to be distinguished, it provides listening practice that serves the purpose of each learner.

► Key Function
- Provides a video and subtitle of VOA news (, an American public broadcaster, on a daily basis at Today’s Video menu.
- Supports WordFlow function that allows learners to accurately identify which words are being pronounced. (Only applies to Today's Premium Video)
- Offers an excellent listening quiz (Only applies to Today's Premium Video)
- Users can check 1,001 hour countdown and their progress to achieving goal (automatic iCloud backup)
- Users can insert their video and subtitle files without syncing with iTunes
- Supports videos in MP4, MOV, M4V format
- Supports SMI, SRT subtitle format
- Showing separate English and native language subtitles on one screen
- Real-time replacement of up to 4 types of subtitles (English, native language, blind English, English-native language) is possible.
- A-B section repetition
- Current subtitle is automatically repeated with a double touch.
- Connection of subtitle words to English dictionary (English-English dictionary included)
- Matching the sync between video and subtitle
- 0.1 ~ 2.0 times speed control
- Various gesture-based control: Switching subtitles, hiding/showing subtitles, quick rewind and fast forward, subtitle-based movement, section repetition, speed control, etc
- Capturing the current screen shot and subtitles and sending them via email, text message, Twitter, Facebook, Line, and KakaoTalk.
- Bookmarking the subtitle words and location of video and watching them again
- Highlighting frequent TOEIC, TOEFL, and TEPS words in the English subtitle
- Classifying the difficulty of English subtitle into 7 levels (very difficult, difficult, a little difficult, average, a little easy, easy, very easy)
- Horizontal directional lock pin
- Sleep time function: If you set the timer before sleeping, the player automatically stops after certain time
- Backgroud audio play

► About the Company
- Belkatonic is a software project group that develops goal-driven language software with new concepts

- Website:
- Product inquiry:

► Note
- If you wish to study videos other than the VOA news, you need to find your own video and subtitle files and put them in.
- Since non-encoding is not supported, your video file should be converted into mp4, mov, or m4v format.
- WordFlow function only applies to Today’s Video, in other words, VOA news videos offered by Belkatonic. It will not apply to general videos inserted by you.