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Johnny Crazy Defense

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Action
  • Arcade
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Somewhere far away .. In a parallel universe ... Eternal winter entrenched in these places for a long time and the world is ruled by evil demigod creature, named Santos like famous Santa Claus.

Johnny, traveler and explorer of parallel worlds, stuck with his expedition in this universe. But Santos does not like intruders in their possessions! He sent hordes of their minions, animated snowmen, elves and "frozen" people to bulldoze a small camp of travelers.

But Johnny is not one of those who behaved well this year and is going to fight back spoiled fabulous creatures who attacked travelers camp. And arriving at their camp disgruntled the world of eternal ice and cold created by Santos, the rebels, too, are ready to take the Johnny side.
Coming battle, we must defend the camp and world! Crazy battle begun!

Defense the expedition, held out as long as possible, force the Santos to descend from his throne of snow and to break his rule over this world!

TAKE CARE OF SUPPORTS: Recruit allies and build defenses to stop enemies!

OPEN CHAPTERS: Open new Chapters to save the current progress!

UPGRADE YOUR HERO: Achieve the ranks to obtains the new titles and improve your characteristics!

# Defense the expedition
# Touch and slide screen to move & shoot snowballs.
# Heath bonus: Heal yourself
# Coin bonus: Collect coins to open new items and snowballs!
# Stun snowballs: Stun enemies to prevent damage from healthy enemies!
# Ice snowballs: Penetrate enemies to inflicting them massive damage!