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Intelligent control panel with 25 TIMERS for daily use. You can use the timers simultaneously and they are operable when the application is at standby mode or even when it is completely turned off.

You can set a different name and time for each of the 25 timers. Time can be set from 10 seconds up to 100 hours and the counter up to 99 times.

The counter number increases every time you activate the counter. Of course, you can change it manually (in the setup menu) anytime.

The timers are not designed purely for cooking and food activities but they are also very practical in everyday family life.


★ Simple and intuitive control free of useless and bothersome features.

★ Thanks to 25 different timers you do not have to change the timers' names and counter times so often - just create your own set of timers and use it your way.

★ Application automatically stores your last settings (so you do not need to set them up again).

★ Each timer can be paused and released until the time expires.

★ Quick adjustment of the timer can be done by means of the sliders. For fine setting use "-1" and "+1" buttons.


★ Set up baking or cooking time. You will not burn or overcook your meal anymore.

★ Schedule your timetable in order to keep the right balance between work activities and leisure time.

★ Do you (or your family members) take pills, vitamins or nutrition supplements in regular periods? You will not forget anymore.

★ Make sure your children do not spend more time with PC games or TV than you allow them.

★ Have you got sedentary job (lifestyle)? Avoid health troubles and organize your physical activities in regular periods.


★ Are you bothered with beeping sounds? Just turn off the Sound button in the setup menu. This action has no impact on the sound signal of the timer expiration so you will not miss the notification.

★ If you want the timers be permanently visible, turn off the Auto-Lock button in the setup menu. Thus you may disable the sleeping mode.

★ There are 5 different skins to choose from. So you can (pick and) use the one you are most familiar with.

★ If there is no need for you to see the name of the timer, the seconds digits or the counter you can turn them off in the setup menu.

★ Are you bothered with seeing all 25 timers simultaneously? Set the Opacity of the timers (in the setup menu) which are not in use to smaller percentage and make them only slightly visible or invisible at all.