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Nearby Stations

iPhone / iPad
  • Weather
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This application shows you real-time weather conditions from nearby weather stations.

It has data from almost 50.000 private weather stations around the world, so wherever you are there is a good chance that some of those stations are near you.

But how relevant are those data? It depends of three factors:

1. Distance (how far is weather station from your current location)
2. Observation time (how old are measured data)
3. Station type (which sensors it has)

This application uses color indicators to show you how "good" is data from particular weather station. If all lights are green than station is very near you and data is fresh. If lights are yellow or red, than data is less relevant.

* Very accurate REAL-TIME weather data
* Most advanced 3-day weather forecast (Best Forecast ™)
* Data from almost 50.000 weather stations in more than 100 countries
* Unique "traffic light" indicators
* Fast data retrieval
* Highly configurable
* Support for many different measure units
* iPhone 5 support

Customer reviews:

"Excellent app. Clean design and functional."

"I run a weather station, so I like this app for comparing my readings to others."
-- jim_perry

"I love travel. This app is very helpful to me when I am traveling. It is so professional and easy to use."
-- peterliufa

"Very useful app,simple ui and easy to use,can very accurate show the real-time weather conditions"
-- Carl.Knuth

"Fantastic.It allows me to view the surrounding private weather station data."
-- mary91191

"This app is perfect. I wish I could give it 6 stars."
-- Nick DiGiovanni

"Great idea to rate weather stations by proximity, currency, and scope."
-- Let's Be Objective