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Peterson Birds Pocket Edition - A Field Guide to Birds of North America

iPhone / iPad
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Designed for nature lovers on a budget, Peterson Birds Pocket Edition helps you identify birds fast with Roger Tory Peterson's innovative ID system, time-tested illustrations, unique display of similar looking birds and lots of bird songs.

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"... this is the most birding bang-for-buck anywhere, ever."

"For 99¢, best app you can get."

"... 99¢ is an amazing value."


Peterson Birds Pocket Edition features over 800 species of North American birds from the best-selling book, Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America, with Roger Tory Peterson's breathtakingly beautiful illustrations, range maps, species details, bird songs, and more.

Now you can carry the full content of Peterson's field guide to birds of North America book in your pocket, wherever you go.

Peterson Birds Pocket Edition gives you detailed information on more than 800 species of North American birds, including Roger Tory Peterson's ground-breaking illustrations and identification system. The Peterson ID system uses arrows to highlight unique field marks for each species. No other app lets you compare similar looking birds on a single screen by sight, song, and location.

The app includes bird songs from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Macaulay Library and provides an alphabetic and QuickFind index, search by state and date, checklists, and more.

Discover more about the birds you see every day in your garden, on your hike or about town, with Peterson Birds Pocket Edition, from the developer of the the award-winning app, Peterson Birds of North America.


Peterson Birds Pocket Edition is a universal app and runs on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The app supports the extended screen size of the iPhone 5, and looks fantastic on the iPad mini.

▶ Compare similar species by sight, song, and range from one screen [no other bird app can do this!]

▶ App tutorial [new in v1.1]

▶ Swipe through page after page of Roger Tory Peterson's meticulously organized illustrations, so you can ID birds faster

▶ Go directly to the birds you're looking for with an alphabetically index, our unique QuickFind index, and comprehensive search function

▶ Keep track of the birds you see with our built-in Life List

▶ Make our app your app, create custom lists of birds and save them to your home screen, save search results as lists, move icons around the home screen, change the font size and change the position of toolbar icons to suit left-handed or right-handed use

▶ Improve your bird identification skills with how-to articles, a detailed topographical bird illustration and a copy of the American Birding Association's Principles of Birding Ethics

Need a more powerful bird app?

Try the award-winning Peterson Birds of North America, which includes:

▶ All features of Peterson Birds Pocket Edition
▶ Extended species details taken from 7 Peterson field guide books
▶ Nest photographs
▶ Add your own photos to each species
▶ Similar species links
▶ Full content of the Peterson Reference Guide to Molt in North American Birds book
▶ Extended search parameters
▶ Unique list generation and import capability (share lists and import lists for every county in the US and Canada from
▶ Record sightings
▶ Extended articles on feeder birds and how to attract birds to your garden.


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