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  • Release Date:Jun 20, 2013
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Hockey Number Quiz HD

Who wore number 99? Who wears number 87? Who are these famous hockey players? From active players to legends and all stars, this fun yet challenging game is the ultimate test of your hockey knowledge.

This game is simple to play. Just guess the LAST NAME that should appear on the hockey jersey icon. For example, gretzky or sedin. Earn points to unlock trophies. Also earn STARS that can be spent on 4 different HELP Buttons if you’re stuck.

-Over 200 famous hockey player numbers to guess from!

You will be entertained for hours. Find out why so many hockey fans love and play this game. Download it FREE today. When you’re ready for the challenge to play for trophies, unlock the Pro Quiz via in-app purchase. You can also purchase more STARS if you run out in your quest to unlock all the trophies.

Hockey Number Quiz HD is the iPad version.
For iPhone, please download Hockey Number Quiz.

All icons and graphics in this game are original artwork. However, icons shown or represented in this game may bear similarities that are copyright and or trademark of their respective corporations.

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