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APEX Racing HD

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Tilt and steer your way to victory, hit the corner apexes to increase your speed, avoid the other cars and be first across the finish line!

It's like Lane Splitter but with corners and an objective, to win the race!

APEX Racing is extremely easy to play and very addictive, you will want to keep racing to be the champion!

User Reviews:
Great and easy to use 5 Stars
by SurroundedByMen - Version v1.0.1 - Jul 24, 2013

This is really easy to use and great fun with just tilt controls. The cars go really fast and suitable for adults and children!

Ashleigh Wilson 5 Stars
by Ashwilsonx - Version v1.0.1 - Jul 21, 2013

Amazing game, suitable for all ages, really fun, and amazing quality defo worth buying!

Select from 3 race modes:

Quick Race, pick a track of your choice and race!

Championship, race to win and unlock new races! Become the champion!

Time Attack, try and set the fastest lap!

APEX Racing was created by a motorsport fan and the game tracks are all loosely based on real world race tracks which helps to add to the fun and gameplay.

APEX Racing also feature dynamic weather, sometimes the weather is clear and sunny, other times it can be over cast, or raining.

APEX Racing has been created by just one person (that's me) and it has taken me 7 months of hard work, I hope you like the racing game I have created, I have lots of ideas for new tracks and extra features.

I would also love to hear from you for any suggestions you have or enhancements you would like to see, I really appreciate your feedback!

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