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iUltiminder was engineered from the beginning to be simple and powerful in addition it was designed to look great. The app would help you to create and modify reminders by 2-3 TAPS! and get things done as fast as possible.

◆◆◆◆ Location Reminders' Features ◆◆◆◆

► Create location reminders via Map, History and Coordinates.

► The app would reminder you when you are close to the destention, when you reach the destination and you when you leave the destination with out finishing the TASK!.

► Customized notification's alert sounds to be used when you reach or close to the destination by:
• Using the default alert sounds.
• Creating your OWN AUDIO using Text-To-Speach (TTS)! even when you don't have internet connection!.
• Creating your OWN AUDIO by RECORDING your own alert message!.
• Transfer audio files to the app via iTunes.

► Battery Saving Settings: Though the app manage location reminders efficiently, it comes even with a UNIQUE feature that takes efficiency to another level, The app smartly would know when to use location service and when to close it, So you can enjoy using your iPhone more.◆
• I.E: Today is Friday and you would meet with your friends on Wednesday at 7:00 PM, when you create a reminder with battery saving mode enabled, the app would stop using the location service to save your iPhones' battery without your interference and before wednesday 7:00 PM it would ask you to open the app to start using the location service to notify you when you are there.! By doing this you would have saved a lot of your iPhone's battery life for almost 5 Days! from Friday to Wednesday.

• if you have more than one reminder all of them needs to have Battery Saving mode enabled to use this feature. if there is ONE or more reminders with battery saving mode is off, the feature wouldn't be activated until you are finish with these reminders. So the app SMARTLY decide when even to activate or deactivate the feature. The app can handle UNLIMITED number of location reminders with this feature and would smartly calculate when to close or open the reminder.

► Devices that can use all the location features
• iPhone 4,4S & 5
• iPad 2,3 & 4 (Cellular)

◆◆◆◆ Time Reminders' Features ◆◆◆◆

► Snooze options.

◆◆◆◆ Universal Features ◆◆◆◆

► Time and Location Reminders.

► Make your Reminders smarter by using Smart Actions to call, send message or email somebody or even to take a picture via the camera.!

► Reminder Shortcuts: There are 12 shortcuts that can be used to create reminders with all the settings configured by only 2 TAPS!.
• I.E: Each two weeks on Tuesday you go to the grocery and may be you call your mother to check if she wants something in addition you may use the battery saving mode feature, so each time you create a reminder you have to specify all these settings which might become boring after time. With this SHORTCUT FEATURE you configure these settings just for the first time, then each time you want to go to the grocery you create the reminder by only 2 TAPS! and you would find all these settings without doing anything!. you will only change what's important.

► Settings Shortcuts: when you tap on a reminder, shortcuts of the settings would appear that would allow you to modify the reminders fast and some of them by 1 TAP!.

► Importance of the Reminder: you can differentiate reminders by setting the importance of the reminder.

► Filter reminders by their type.

► Sort reminders by oldest, newest or smart actions.

► Optimized for iPhone 5, and supports iOS 5 and above.

► Localized in English and Arabic.!


All these features come with version 1.0 !, and we are planning to make it better and better. if you have a feature or suggestion you can contact us at or at twitter @iUltiminder