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Abby Explorer Write & Play - Phonics Second Grade

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Featuring 25 phonetic categories and over 200 vocabulary.

Abby Explorer Write & Play app helps young learners improve and enforce their phonics skills with flashcards, writing, and interactive spelling exercises. The exercises are broken down into 22 Phonetic categories, complete with sounds, words, and pictures - featuring over 200 vocabulary words.

1) WRITING: Trace the words while learning the spelling, the pronunciation, and the image to word association.
2) PLAY: Unscramble the word to make the spelling of the image of the word.

Note: Switch between the modes by touching the button "Switch to Writing" or "Switch to Spelling"

• Short A
• Short E
• Short I
• Short O
• Short U
• Long A
• Long I
• Long O
• Long U
• Final Consonant Blends
• Three- Letter Consonant Blends
• Vowel Pairs: Ai and Ay
• Vowel Pairs: Ee and Ea
• Vowel Pairs: Oa and Ow
• Vowel Pair: Oo
• Vowel Pairs: Au and Aw
• Vowel Pair: Ew
• The Sounds of Y
• Consonant Pairs
• Final Consonant Pairs and Blends
• Vowels with R: Ar and Er
• Vowels with R: Ir and Or
• Vowels with R: Ur
• Vowel Pairs: Oi and Oy
• Vowel Pairs: Ou and Ow

1) Switch between Uppercase and Lowercase Letters
2) Touch the Color pencil to change the tracing color.
3) Touch the "Spell" button to see jumping and dancing letter spelling animation.
4) Touch the "Speak" button to hear the word pronunciation
5) Touch the "Clear" button to clear the tracing
6) Change the letter case by toggling the case "Switch to Lowercase" or "Switch to Uppercase"

1) Unscramble the letters to make the word
2) Touch the "Reset" button to re-scramble the word and start over
3) Change the letter case by toggling the case "Switch to Lowercase" or "Switch to Uppercase"

- Picture to word association
- Touch the picture to hear the audio of the word
- Sounds of each letter of the word
- Pronunciations of the full word
- Bright and Colorful Visual
- Easy for child to use
- Professionally recorded audio for clear pronunciation .
- Tested by Parents and their kids for ease of use. Design to be used by the kids alone or with parents in an interactive session.