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SongSpeaker - Vocally Announces 'Playing Now' Songs and Musics

iPhone / iPad
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What's this great song? No need to fetch your iPhone and turn it on, SongSpeaker will say the artist and song name for you, just as if you had a personal radio DJ in your iPhone! It uses advanced text to speech technology to do its magic.

- You listen to your music library while running or training
- You want to know which artist and song is playing now
- Without SongSpeaker, you need to interrupt your training, take your iPhone, unlock it and check the information.
- With SongSpeaker you just listen to the Artist and Song names as they are spoken to you using text to speech technology.
- SongSpeaker turns your music library into your personal radio station complete with a virtual DJ to announce the songs!

- As long as the "Run in Background" switch is ON, SongSpeaker will continue to work while you use other apps, such as training or exercise apps.
- Don't worry, even when Background mode is enabled, SongSpeaker will auto-stop after a few minutes of inactivity (when no music is playing).
- You can also use SongSpeaker as your player, it has all the basic music controls (play/pause/next/previous/stop and volume control).

1/ Start playing the music you want as usual (using the built-in Music app).
2/ Launch SongSpeaker
3/ Select the voice language and gender you wish by tapping the button at top right
4/ You can use the menu button at top left and then Settings to adjust options if you wish.
5/ You can then remain in SongSpeaker or go to another app (such as a training app) - SongSpeaker will speak the artist name and title of each song playing.

- Option to try to auto detect the native language for each song (so that this Italian title will be spoken by an Italian speaker).
- Choose to speak at the beginning of each song, when you pause a song, or both.
- Choose if you want SongSpeaker to pause the song while speaking.

******** WARNING ********
This app uses a moderate amount of Internet data for text to speech conversion, about 0.1 MB per song - make sure your data plan will allow for this!