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Workout Log: Track Training Progress & Get Strong

iPhone / iPad
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Phenomenal way to track weight training progress and empower success motivation!
Over 200.000 strong men and women are using ironGAINS already!
Outperform yourself every workout. Get strong. Get ironGAINS now!

Now with Apple Health Kit support for Apple Watch users!

“60% of gym memberships go unused and attendance is usually back to normal by mid-February.” - Time Magazine. Why do most people quit the gym after 6 weeks? The main reason is simple: Lost deficiency motivation. Simply put: people go to the gym because of a short term desire to improve their physical appearance. But their will to get that body soon disappears, along with their gym membership. Fortunately, however, there is another group. These are the real achievers; the individuals who are ready to put the work in to get that perfect body. Their motivation is long lasting and it guarantees results: success motivation. For these people, its the physical results that drive them on. But to keep that drive, you need to keep pushing, to keep reaching for new goals. How do you set these goals? Well, the best way is to keep a workout log. By monitoring your workouts closely you can see how far you’ve come and what you still need to do.

Here is what ironGAINS users say about the product!

A straightforward replacement for the workout notebook

You don't have to carry a notepad around the gym.
- It beats pen and paper for the least.
- I always lacked the discipline to chart my progress in a notebook, but I don't find that's the case with this app.
- Throw your traditional gym log out the window!
- Beats pen and paper all the way!
- No need to bring a journal.
- It's easy to log work out without pen and paper!!
- I Like this better than working with a piece of paper.
- This is much better than tracking my workouts in a notebook like I have done for years.
- It automates what I wrote down on paper for years!
- No more excel spreadsheets and clipboards!

No need to keep checking that clock

- The build in timer is your personal trainer telling you it's time for the next set!
- Really love the timer within the workout to keep you on track.
- The timer helps a ton. Keeps you focused on when it's time to get working again.
- The rest timer counts down and rings an alarm when it's time to pump iron again.

It lets you know when you have improved

- It keeps motivating me to hit greater PR's!
- It helps me push myself more when working out!
- It gives a good overall rating of each exercise and routine so I can make sure I'm making progress.
- It has made it much easier to stay motivated and keep track of progress.
- Keeps me on top and ahead of my schedule!

It will make you feel good about yourself

- Allows me to log all my workouts and calculates interesting statistic that make you feel good about yourself.
- Come on really have you ever wanted to know that you just lifted a car lol.
- I recommend this to all of my friends when I get the chance.
- This app makes it so easy to track my workouts I couldn't lift without it!
- I use this app religiously.