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TIMU - Timer & Music Application -

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
  • Lifestyle
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Music is essential to accompany work, study, jogging, cleaning, travel time ... work!
However, too much to worry about and you will bet the kind of music, do you not have fallen into the "Working Find Working BGM?"

"TIMU" is an application that has both the elements and "Timer" and "Music Player".
For example, when such "Since the study one time, I want the music of one hour." and,
It allows you to easily create a "play list of about an hour" by taking advantage of the "TIMU".

I get a share music service from "SoundCloud", the music for the play list of the current version in "TIMU".
The music that is obtained, the so-called major release work are not included. The (sometimes included)
Playlist consists of "music that is not known to the world much" to often.
Further, even create playlists in the same condition, different playlists created for each is created.
It will be different from the music you are listening in NetRadio and iPod, meeting with an entirely new music is waiting for you!

Let's preoccupation while enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime chance with the music, to the original work of your own!

● The main function
• You can by music on SoundCloud that is obtained by specifying the genre, tag, keyword, to play to create a playlist that matches roughly the specified time minutes.
• You can continue to play in the background playlist.
• You can check the details of the information of artists and songs that you like.
• You can send messages, or e-mail, detailing the status of artists and songs that you like.
• You can save the app on the information of the music that you like, check the details later.
• You can receive a notification of (the end of the timer) the end of the playlist.

• You can skip songs timer playlist.
"Song another according to the remaining time" is newly added to the playlist when it is skipped.
• The playlist is playing, you will not be able to rewind. (It is not possible to return the timer!)

And caution
※ This application takes advantage of the various external API of music streaming services. There is the case that feature in-app may not be available temporarily, such as by excessive access to the API and the state of the API. Please note.
※ Music is sure to "play to the end" by all means, I will find a play a certain amount of time to the playlist.
Therefore, playback time of music and time of the timer has been set does not necessarily match.