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Cino in the Safari – For children to learn by joyful play with practice and progress!

iPhone / iPad
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There are 9 different games created using Safari animals:

-“Learning animals”
-“Who am I?”
-“Whose sound?”
-“Whose home?”
-“Whose food?”
-“Whose baby?”

The major aims of this application is for the child to progress skills like:

-eye-hand coordination,
-visual memory,
-part-whole relationship.

This application has been developed to support child development and can be used during;

-preschool education period,
-various stages of special education.

It is aimed for the users to benefit from the application in different ways and levels on a wide time scale guided with developmental progress.

In this application that is the second product of Cino series, which may be downloaded for free, lion and elephant are presented with the easy level option active only.

The full version has to be bought to unlock all safari animals like giraffe, zebra, hippopotamus, ostrich, monkey, crocodile and all features like progressive leveling options.

In full version you will have 8 safari animals, 9 games, 3 stages, chance to acquire 27 skills, limitless options!

In full version each game can be played one of 3 level options set as; easy, moderate, hard and with progressive mode option allowing adaptive play.

With Cino in the Safari application your child will:

-Portray short stories about the safari animals through the available vocalizations or user recordings,
-Learn names, real pictures and sounds of safari animals,
-Match safari animals with the sound, baby, home and food,
-Play puzzle, memory match and relate games using safari animals,
-Win different prizes at the end of each level completed with success and continue with the adaptive game in increasing difficulty levels if level parameters are set as progressive mod open in the settings,
-Be able to use the application in any language, through vocalization by the user in the relevant language, due to the recording feature as well as the available English option.

With increasing difficulty levels it will be possible to make choice between 2->4->8 items or complete 2->4->6 piece puzzles or play memory with 4->8->16 cards.

It is even more fun to follow progress with the moving Cino figure getting closer to the tip of the bar with each correct answer. As Cino figure falls from the tip of the progress bar to relate with the prize mechanism, the screen with all prizes opens up enabling drag & drop localization of prize objects and recording prize object compositions in a gallery to share with friends & family.

Are you ready for a entertaining and educational journey with Cino?!